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Our offer

Bioinformatics courses

We organize courses for bioinformaticians as well as for beginners. The courses cover diverse aspects of modern bioinformatics, like analysis of next-generation sequencing data, identification and analysis of microRNAs or scientific programming. We are open for any suggestions and we can organize a course on request to meet your needs.

Biological data analysis and consulting

We offer a specialized bioinformatics support in the following fields:
  • analysis of NGS data (re-sequencing, RNA-Seq, CLIP-Seq and more)
  • Identification and analysis of microRNAs and other small non-coding RNAs
  • genome annotation
  • functional and evolutionary genomics
  • designing starters for PCR


Biological databases and webpages

We design webpages, including biological databases, both for the needs of your research projects as well as for publication purposes. We offer modern-looking and fast genome browsers. We can also maintain
and update your webpages. We guarantee user-friendliness, high functionality and fast completion of our products. Here are our example products:

Organizing scientific events

We organize courses, conferences and other scientific events. We may as well assist you with the informatic aspects (website or participants registration), but also with catering, transport and advertisement of your event.

We have recently co-organized the 11th Poznan Summer School of Bioinformatics. We have also participated in preparation of provious editions of the school.